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I guess I could post my final project

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Soooo… I did the wrap-up for my project, and I posted the video there. But just in case I’m supposed to have a separate post for the final product of my final project, here it is!

Enjoy 🙂


The last check list for the semester

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Step One: Schedule a time block to review my work, Done! Meeting is Monday at 2:30

Step Two: Organize my blog, Done! Everything is easy to find and I will easily be able to showcase my work during my meeting and it’s easy for anyone who’s checking it out to find what they want.

Step Three: Post about my final project, Done! Check it out here 🙂

Step Four: Final reflection post, Done! Check it out here!

Step Five: Still in the process of deciding how I want to archive my site. I think I am going to wait until my meeting to officially do it! I think I want to keep my site open for posting, but I’m not 100% on that one. I can’t make up my mind and I want to hear the options again of how to properly archive or move it over so I can continue with it.

So, step five is the only incomplete-ish one. But that will be taken care of shortly.

Huzzah! The end is nigh!

I don’t know why I’m talking like that haha

Finals week really does get the best of people…

Kind of sad that we’re almost done with this class forever,


Why I did what I did

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

–>For my final project, I wanted to do something with kinetic typography.. Why, you ask? Well during out video assignments section, one of our choices was to do kinetic typography. It was really hard and I was really mad when my like three hours of work came out to be a 17 second video. I was pissed. So I was really interested and intrigued by trying to do this and I really wanted to do more. Hence, my final project. Well some of you may be asking “Well just what is kinetic typography?” Kinetic typography in a basic definition is moving text.. That’s all, nothing difficult, right? WRONG!!! For my project, I decided I wanted to do kinetic typography for a song and it’s taken a long time. The idea may be simple, but have you ever tried using Adobe After Effects? Not exactly a walk in the park. Once you get the process down though, it’s just tedious and time consuming but the idea seems so simple to me now.


Tis the end, and here’s what I have to say

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

As a final reflection on ds106, this is what I have to say..


My Create Assignments Wrap-Up

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Create a new you

This is a visual assignment, just simply editing a picture of yourself in way that alters some of your features.

Contrasting Items

This is another visual assignment about taking a picture of contrasting items, such as life and death, day and night, young and old, etc.

Your own numa numa video

This assignment was inspired by our class discussion, and the task it to make a numa numa video, singing along and dancing like a fool. Poor quality also adds usefulness!

Alternative Video Game Cover

This is a design assignment that I thought would be fun for gamers. There are similar assignments for books and movies, but I thought I’d create one for video games.

These are my four created assignments for this semester! Be sure to click the links and check them out 🙂


Tutorial for Are you up for the challenge

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

For this audio assignment,, I decided to randomly pick 6 songs from my computer’s music library. I did however stick to one genre, country. To me I don’t think it’s difficult to tell what the songs are but for other people, y’all with have to let me know.

Here’s the final version


Sometimes the world changes

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Return to the scene of the crime remixed mood swap

Swapping the mood of a return to the scene of the crime assignment. My thoughts for this remix, after I found the picture, was to alter how the return scene looked. Since the scene was still bright and normal looking, I thought I’d darken it up, add some shadows, and make it look like a creepier, more dead version of the picture being framed.


Uncle bob pops in for a frame

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Stop Frame Photography Remixed Uncle Bob

Thank you for the picture that I used to add Crazy Uncle Bob into!


So I looked through the completed assignments for stop frame photography and decided to go with this one. I thought it would be funny to just pop Uncle Bob in one frame as if it’s not big deal that he just poofed up from nowhere. I googled a pic of him and cut around his head and then placed him and resized him a bit to fit semi-well over one of the girls. One reason I think this works well to remix this assignment is because the girls are just laughing and having a good time and Uncle Bob just pops up and disappears and they continue on laughing like before. This was another simple assignment to complete since it was just dealing with putting Uncle Bob in a picture. Had it been a video, I may have had to put more thought and creativity in getting him in there.

Four stars down, now only 6 more to go!

Remix awayyyyy,


Remixing a video in another language!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Watching A Movie With The Stereo On In Another Language

So, first off thank you grotogrotto for the video I remixed!

That was the original video for the assignment, Watching movies with the stereo on.


30(well, 31) Stars of Craziness Wrap-Up

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Well here it is.. the final product of all 30 stars of my video work.. I think I’ll just go in order of the ones that I did. So, this few weeks, although a lot of work, was both entertaining to watch everyone’s creations and fun to do my own. I’ve never done any video anything so it was a new process for me and I learned a lot of new tricks. I even decided to do my final project on video work 🙂

So, on to the videos…!