Baby Bear’s Adventure

For the Visual Assignment, Buddy Photo, I brought Baby Bear with me today and took pictures of the various places we went. In the top left, Baby Bear and I were walking to class in the rain. The next three pictures are in my first two classes. Baby Bear is very studious. You can also see Dr. Lehman in the background on the top right picture. The next place that we went was to the computer lab to work on a paper. We continued our journey to dinner at Seacobeck. In the bottom left you can see Alan Levine and Justin Baker in ds106! The bottom middle shows Baby Bear playing COD with me. The very last picture is Baby Bear returning home to his family on my bed haha. I chose to take Baby Bear with me because he was one of the smaller bears and he was easier to carry around with me. I hope you enjoyed seeing Baby Bear’s adventure and now I’ll tell you a bit of what I did to create the picture.

I pretty much uploaded all of my pictures and worked in Picnik to recolor and fix any minor details. I decided that I wanted to do some of the pictures in black and white so that was easy to fix on Picnik. Once I was done editing all of the photos, I put them into paint to resize and place them in the order that I wanted. After that, I was pretty much done. Just a quick upload to Flikr and now I’m blogging about it!

Baby Bear

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5 Responses to “Baby Bear’s Adventure”

  1. admin says:

    Thanks Justin! Maybe Baby Bear will come back and visit sometime! You can always visit him though when you see Sammi haha


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for checking it out! I really enjoyed this assignment and all the weird looks that I got for taking pictures of a little teddy bear haha


  3. Justin Baker says:

    This turned out great Tiffany, i like the variety of locations you chose. Very nice job. You should bring baby bear back occasionally to visit.

  4. Emily says:

    This is fantastic! I like that this maps out what you did in a day, but instead of just taking a picture of everywhere you went, you take a picture of the same familar object in different unfamiliar locations. It connects all the pictures and adds context. And, what’s cuter than a teddy dear?! Nice work!! (Also, this inspired me to check out assignment 48 to see if its something that I could do for myself!)