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I hate it when people stalk me..

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Audio redubbing.. harder than it looks.. but I took a crack it.

I decided to pick the scene from A Walk to Remember where Jamie tells Landon that she’s sick. I decided to make him a stalker and have her telling him she wants him gone kind of feel. It took awhile to think of what to say and it actually took wayyyy longer to even select a movie and a clip to redub. I used soundcloud to record and audacity to line up the times when they spoke instead of trying to do the audio moving in Windows Live Movie Maker. I started with it there and when I’d split my tracks some audio would disappear. Some parts don’t line up as well as I’d liked but I took long enough on this that I decided I needed to move on. First I’ll show you the redub, then I’ll show the real video.