No Barking Tenants Tutorial

For my last tutorial, I’m going to show you how I did my Cropped Signs assignment.

First thing you want to do, open paint and open the file of the picture you want to edit.


In my case, the file I opened was huge, so I used the Resize/Skew function to make the picture smaller. To find this, on the top tool bar, select Image and then it’s the second one on the list. For this function, I typically just shrink down the horizontal and vertical to 50% each. You can always adjust but I suggest that however low you go, just make sure the horizontal and vertical match so your picture stays true to its dimensions.

Once I got it sized small enough, I used the dropper tool to select a color in the sign background. Using that color, I used the brush tool to color out the word Only.


You may need to dropper different colors around the sign for better blending, but for the sake of the tutorial, my coloring won’t look too good.

Next, we need to create the letter B instead of a P, so what I did was copy the top part of the P using the select tool.


Right click in the selected area and click copy. Then anywhere on the photo, right click and paste it. Move it to the desired area and resize it by dragging inward on the corner.


From there, it’s just time to use the dropper tool and color in the overlapping parts. And presto! We have changed the sign to have a different meaning!


Any questions, feel free to comment them!

Thanks for checking out the tutorial,


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2 Responses to “No Barking Tenants Tutorial”

  1. admin says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Colin Schulz says:

    Great job on this tutorial. You did a really good job explaining it, however most importantly you included screen shots. Good work!