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For this audio assignment, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/the-contest-nobody-could-win/, I decided to randomly pick 6 songs from my computer’s music library. I did however stick to one genre, country. To me I don’t think it’s difficult to tell what the songs are but for other people, y’all with have to let me know.

Here’s the final version

This is a simple assignment, but I will give you a step by step tutorial of how to make this assignment work.

The first thing that you need to do is download Audacity, which can be found for free here

After downloading audacity, you need to download six songs. There are different ways of going about downloading songs, so you can find the way that works best for you. Luckily, I already had music on my computer so I just selected songs that I wanted to use.

Now, you want to open audacity.

In audacity, you want to click File–>Open and then search your computer for one of the songs. Using the green arrow key, you can play the song and listen to it. To the left of the green arrow is the pause button and to the right is the stop button.

When you figure out what part of the song you want to cut, click that spot on the top set of blue audio waves. When you’re at the beginning of the section, hold down your mouse click and drag to where you want the clip to end. For this assignment it was obviously very short, since each clip was only one second.

Note: At the very bottom of the Audacity program, there is a box labeled Selection Start. That let’s you know at what second/minute of the song you’re in. For a one second clip then, I can use either the end or the length buttons to give me a one second clip. If you have the end button clicked, you can just look at the selection start time, and type in the end box one second later. Or using the length button, you can type in one second.

After you have your one second section selected, click on Edit–>Copy.

Then click on File–>New. This will open a new audacity window. This will be where you will combine all of your clips.

Click on Edit–>Paste, and you will see that your one second clip is now in this window.

Repeat these steps for as many pieces of audio you want to put together.

Note: Once you paste an audio clip in audacity, it will be highlighted blue, so before pasting another segment, make sure you click on the very end of the audio clip so that you won’t have overlapping songs.

Now that all of your audio clips are placed together in one file, click on File–>Export.

Type in the file name however you want, and it will convert it to a WAV file. You can then upload this file to Soundcloud and post it for the world to here.

Note: When you go to save your file, it will save as a audacity project, which cannot be uploaded anywhere else, and it doesn’t really do too much good. So make sure you export properly and you will have the file you need!

Thanks for checking out the tutorial!

Comment if you have any questions 🙂


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