Trying to analyze a movie.. fail

For my video essay,

I decided to do P.S. I love you because I love the movie and thought it would be easy to talk about.

I apologize for the last scene having subtitles in another language. I wanted it though because it was the turning point in the movie.

I used the soundcloud app to record all the audio while watching the trimmed clips I selected. I know this is nothing like the example we saw in class, but it was actually super hard to try to think of techniques to talk about when I don’t know any. Instead, I took the route of describing the scenes and saying why I like them. I used Soundcloud, youtube, mpeg streamclip, avi converter, audacity, and finally, Windows Live Movie Maker to put everything together.

While editing, I tried to use some cool effects of playing parts of the scenes and playing my talking without the video noise. At some points, I overlapped the two. I had fun with the editing and the thing that took the longest was converting it all to open on my computer.

Thanks for checking it out,


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